#5 A Spectacular Dinner Party Every Evening

The trip down memory lane made me realize the insane amounts of food that I had consumed over the past year, most of it in the company of my UNISG family. I was delighted to see how well we had eaten, and a little grossed out perhaps at the amount consumed. When you travel with your classmates in a pack of 26, there is almost always a buffet involved…   

Usually with little or no preparation, any one of my classmates could whip up some of the best meals I’ve ever had. I’m not sure if it was the quality of the chefs, the quality of the food or simply the quality of the people I was eating with that made it so special, but every pound packed on was worth it.

I Go To School In A Castle

I go to school in a castle. Well, a ducal palace that then became a favorite home of Napoleon’s wife. Same thing.

There may or may not be a moat. No big deal.

The view outside our classroom window

The building was later used as a mental hospital until recently when it was converted into the University of Gastronomic Sciences and ALMA (an international school of Italian Cuisine). We’ve been warned that sometimes former mental patients wander back to the building and sit in on classes. I can’t even make this stuff up.

The ALMA students cook lunch for us every day, and we can generally tell what they are learning in school by what is offered on our lunch buffet. If they are learning seafood, we will have fish with pesto, cold spaghetti with mussels, fried calamari etc. If it’s eggs, we’ll have three kinds of omelettes, poached eggs with greens and more. We’ve even had frog day.

I like it best when they are learning how to make chocolate cake. Or gelato.

Penne with broccoli sauce, freshly baked bread, marinated veggies, custard baked  fennel, and polenta.

Just so you don’t get too jealous, I’ll have you know they get quite heavy handed with the salt.