#9 Renewing my Commitment to Vegetarianism

My occasional pescatarianism that is. I thought that moving to the cured meats capital of the world might perhaps tempt me to eat meat again after 14 years of vegetarianism. Let me tell you, there’s nothing tempting about a caged pig so fat that it can’t stand as it’s leg would break underneath. Or a fresh hunk of meat coated in blood and salt that is then wrapped in a bladder and hung in a cellar to grow mold for a year. Yummy.  

Commitment to vegetarianism confirmed! The constant hamfest that was my Master’s program was maybe not as exciting for me as I couldn’t taste the products. Nonetheless, I was fascinated by the history and tradition of these food products, the methods of production, the farmers and the animals and even jumped in occasionally to learn some butchery!