The Year in Review: 2010

9 countries (Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, France, U.S.A.) 

41 cities (Alba, Antwerp, Asti, Basel, Bologna, Boston, Brussels, Budapest, Cancale, Conil de la Frontera, Cordoba, Garda Lake, Granada, Honfleur, Lisbon, Lugano, Madrid, Malaga, Mantova, Milano, Modena, Montalcino, Montechiaro, Nantucket, Newport, Paris, Parma, Pentedattilo, Porto, Portsmouth, Reggio Calabria, Reims, Rethymnon, Rondo, Saint Malo, Sevilla, Siena, Torino, Trentino, Trieste, Zurich)

1 year

In an effort to make sense of the strange and thrilling year that began at home in New England, led to a Master’s program in Italy and finished in Paris, I’ve indulged in a little premature nostalgia and compiled a list of the 12 most memorable experiences of the past year. Without further ado….

12. Milking a Sheep in Calabria


Or watching a shepherd use his hand as a thermometer to make mizithra in Crete, thumping Parmigiano-Reggiano wheels with hammers to check for quality, or frolicking with the cows that produce the milk for Montasio in Friuli…It was the year of the cheese. I have always been an avid cheese eater and loved being a cheesemonger, but there’s really nothing like seeing cheese being made up close and personal, hands on the udder personal.